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Just Annika

This month I am handing over the reins of my blog and have invited a very special lady to write it. The lady is question is Annika Saunders, a beautiful Cardigan corgi. Annika is no ordinary corgi though as she has this month launched her very first book titled ‘Just Annika’.

The enchanting book of ‘Just Annika’ tells the story of Annika and her corgi adventures. I was delighted to be asked if Annika’s experience and time spent with me at my training school could be used as inspiration for part of the book. Of course I said yes and was totally honoured. Through Annika’s creative and entertaining narrating, the book tells the story of Annika learning to become a fully trained dog at my training school, referred to as ‘Miss Ingrid’s School of Correction’, and how ‘Miss Ingrid’ turned Annika from a naughty cheese eating puppy into a dog show winner and a totally well behaved and trained dog. The book also has many more captivating stories including some special and humorous tales about the devastating moment that Annika realises that the Queen’s corgis are Pembrokes and not Cardigans, her first true love with a dog called Ace, and her life living with Ditto, her corgi understudy. Annika has a little help from her owner (mainly with spelling), Vivien Saunders - Vivien Saunders is former British Women’s Open Golf Champion and twice winner of the British Sports Coach. Vivien is a golf coach and entrepreneur and owns the Cambridge Meridian Golf Club and Abbotsley Golf Hotel in Cambridgeshire. In 1997 Vivien was awarded an OBE for services to golf and has written books with Sir Nick Faldo and Bernhard Langer. Here are a couple of extracts for you to enjoy and get a taster of the book.

Extract from: Chapter 13: The School of Correction

We drove the short distance to the school and Miss Ingrid was there to greet us. Before she had even really welcomed us or exchanged the time of day she made it clear she disapproved of dogs sitting in harness on the front seat next to their owns. She thought it far better for a dog to travel in the back in its own cage. “Shall I bring Annika in on a lead?” ‘No’, said Miss Ingrid. “We’ll leave her in the car. Please put her in her cage in the back. I always start with my lessons with the owners. A badly behaved dog, in all but the most unusual circumstances, is the result of a badly disciplined owner.” My owner was gone for quite a considerable time while I sat patiently in the back of the car. When they both came out to fetch me, my owner looked a little flustered. She has brought a couple of leads for me. There was a nice red one and green one showing pictures of dogs and bones. Then there was a very special lead, a long string one that shot out at various lengths and allowed me a bit of freedom to walk ahead of her. “I always confiscate those extending leads straight away. You’ll never get a well-behaved, controlled dog using that they’re the scourge of dog trainers. I have a whole cupboard full of confiscated leads. Yes, you can keep it, provided you promise never to use it again. Please put her on the other lead and we’ll get started”. We went into Miss Ingrid’s classroom and I curled up on the floor on the rug, with just one ear to the conversation. “Would you like a cup of tea?” My owner said she would and could she please have two spoonfuls of sugar. I thought this was unusual because she didn’t take sugar. And then I remembered some advice I’d heard on the radio – give tea with sugar to someone suffering shock or distress. That’s why she wanted sugar with her tea. She was in shock. I felt a little sorry for my owner.

Extract from: Chapter 15: Sandy from Skye

We set off to Miss Ingrid’s for another days’ training. She asked my owner if she had read all her homework. My owner said she had. This wasn’t true. My owner had spent so much time in the lovely pet shop, and in the pub drinking red wine, that she had forgotten all about her homework. So I knew that I must cover her tracks and respond really well. It was up to me to save my owners embarrassment. I didn’t want her to get a ticking off. She had, after all, bought me a football and a basketball, and I would have had a pig’s ear and a couple of chews to take home if I hadn’t chewed them up in the pub without her knowing. Today we worked on many exciting things. I worked on my choke chain with a rope lead ten paces long. I walked and sat, I walked on command. I learnt that one whistle meant ‘sit’ and two whistles meant ‘come’. I sat at the end of the rope. Miss Ingrid gave two whistles, pulled on the rope and I ran right to her feet and sat down. I decided I must respond just as well for my owner. I did want to please her. And then we did something more advanced. I sat and I stayed. Miss Ingrid commanded me to stay and then walked away from me, right foot first. She walked right to the very end of the rope and then laid the rope on the ground. My ears were all of a quiver. I wondered what was going to happen. Was I going to run to the end of the lead? No, this time she continued to make me stay and walked in a big circle. I followed her round with my head until my head literally wouldn’t turn any further. I had to turn my head to the other side to spot her coming round in a circle to the end of the rope All the time I stayed sitting. And then when she got back to the end of the rope, she gave two blasts on the whistle and I ran towards her sat at her feet. ‘Yes, this dog is absolutely perfect to train. I’m afraid to say this but it’s you my dear. You have to be firm with her and learn a method. It’s hours and hours of practice for several weeks, but you’ll get there. Now, come on it’s your turn, let’s see what you can do.” If you enjoyed reading these extracts and want to know what happens next in Annika’s adventures the book which has now launched can be bought for £15.99 by contacting Ingrid Grayling.

Ingrid Grayling has become one of the UK’s leading experts in professional dog training and obedience, and runs a highly successful business in the heart of rural Cumbria offering training and residential care as well as a training school in Bath, Somerset. With over 25 years’ experience, Ingrid has built up her business which sees clients come from all over the UK to learn her unique training techniques. Services include: personalised training on a one-to-one basis, training the owner to train their dog, residential training and day courses, help with livestock worrying & behavioral problems, pre-puppy pack and active holidays for dogs. www.ingrid-grayling.co.uk / 00 44 931 715282

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