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A Slim And Happy New Year

Happy New Year to Everyone .


Let’s hope that we are all fit and healthy and remain so through out this year, as well as our working dogs should by now also be fit and trim. I only wish that I could say the same for myself as the Christmas lunch is still sitting around my middle but with the new year now here, come rain, snow or even a hurricane I am determined to get back to my usual self again and lose the middle bit for ever!

My own two Labradors have been to the vets this week for their booster inoculations and to be weighed  to see whether there midriffs have expanded or not too! The administration of the Kennel Cough vaccine is a joy for Emma my eldest Lab who sits like a lady with her nose in the air and inhales the drops, she then waits patiently for the yearly jab needle to put into her she then hops onto the weighing scales when asked to  (I hold my breath and wait to be told off).    Emma then patiently waits whilst the vet checks her over, and after this I tell her she is free and she wags her tail wildly, gives a little skip of joy and runs around the surgery showing off. She then retires under the chair to watch her daughter Twinkle.  

Twinkle by then has cottoned on to what is going to happen to her and she has made up her mind to make this as difficult as possible for all of us. She goes on to the weighing scales quite happily though (again I hold my breath) as she likes sitting on them as she is a bit of a show off so can show us how well trained she is when asked to sit and stay, she also knows she will get praise.  She is then checked over by the vet, this bit is a little more serious for her and I can feel a change in her attitude. A few wiggles start to appear so she has to be held tight, the yearly jab is then administered (not so good) a few more wiggles and protests.  

When a  syringe appears with the Kennel Cough vaccine reality starts to dawn on her as she realizes that she is not going home just at this precise moment. Joining her mother  under the chair seems a good idea right now. She chooses her moment  and makes a quick dash off to join  Emma who is  intently watching all of this wondering what all the fuss is about.  Twinkle is then dragged out from under the chair  under great protest  and held by me whist I make nice reassuring noises and try to calm her down. 

The vet whom we know well is lovely with her and is very calm and kind trying very hard to do this as quickly as possible  so as not to upset Twinkle more then she has to. The syringe appears again  and another quick dash is made this time to the door  Twinkle is hoping that we have left it open by mistake!  

Re enforcements are now called for and two strong looking veterinary nurses appear to help with the holding down of Twinkle who by this time has made up her mind that this is really NOT going to happen. By now all three of us are on the floor hanging onto Twinkle who has been backed into a corner we are hanging on for grim death and eventually between handfuls of fur lots of reassuring talk and making fussing noises the dreaded vaccine is given with half of it spilling over us.!  

Twinkle is then released and  dives under the  table, the table collapses with the vet and one of the nurses and twinkle all tangled up with it. After a lot of noise Twinkle manages to get untangled and again makes a dash for safety and  rushes over to join Emma under the chair.The pantomime is over at last we all breath a sigh of relief and straighten ourselves out the vet and the nurses are all very kind to Twinkle who by this time will have nothing to do with them.  

Emma just looks at me and then looks away again with a big sigh, I know how you feel Emma  I think to myself , but I am really embraced by this behaviour as we have it every time we go to  the vets for the jabs. What makes it even more embarrassing is that  I am a dog trainer and I have trained all the vets and there dogs.!  

However once my two  dogs have been extracted from under the chair and the slip leads are firmly on  I wait to see if this is going to get even  worse with the news of the reading of the weighing  scales.  

Joy upon joy my two labs have lost a little weight and our vet is singing my praises and telling me how she admire me for being so diligent with there weight and not overfeeding them as we know labs will eat for England! Meanwhile both Emma and Twinkle are now both sitting at my side bolt upright not taking their eyes off me. They are sitting  perfectly still looking very calm and relaxed, Twinkle looks the picture of the perfect well trained working Labrador who wouldn’t put a foot wrong (apart from visits to the vet ) - she is the most diligent, hard working, little Labrador that I have ever had and I love and respect her dearly.  

After praise for doing so well in maintaining their weight I am feeling very happy and  am now on a high, feeling very good and have some dignity left after the pantomime that we have witnessed . The vet and I have a general chat about things and I casually mention that we all try very hard to keep the weight down, "you do very well" says my vet, "its always hard to keep the weight of Labradors, by the way did I mention Ingrid that I am going to weight watches next week I just wondered if you were thinking of going you could come with me if you like". All my joy has subsided like Twinkle reality sets for me now I thought that I had been quite nimble dashing around the surgery this morning with Twinkle obviously I am trying to fool myself I feel completely shattered with the reality of my Christmas feasting  and am now seriously going to stick to my new year’s resolution  of tackling the problem of my expanded midriff.    

So heres to a Happy ( and slim) New Year!!

Ingrid Grayling
Blendbetter Carlisle. Blendbetter Pet Foods, Westlinton, Carlisle. CA6 6AA. 01228 791608
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