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In September very early in the mornings, when the temperature is cool, it feels slightly chilly and there is heavy dew on the ground it is a reminder that once again the seasons are constantly changing and autumn is just around the corner. However, at this time of the year, when the sun does appear it still feels warm and when the sky is a lovely deep blue it lifts our spirits even though we know that winter is ahead of us.

At night the sunsets can be stunning and the sky sometimes looks as if its on fire; for me its my favourite of the year. I love the colours and textures of the trees, walking and crunching through the leaves under foot feels very good and makes me appreciate my lovely surroundings.

This is also a great time of the year for new puppies as it is a brand new world for them, besides the lovely smells they also have leaves to chase around when the wind blows and scatters them about.

Its another busy time of the year for me as this is when I meet owners with new puppies, who have been bred during the summer months and are now ready for there training. it is interesting to see where these puppies have come from and who has bred them.

Breeding puppies is not as simple as it sounds, there are many things that have to be considered and thought about carefully. Unfortunately there may be a few disappointments along the way as well.

There are many very good breeders throughout the country, who are registered with the Kennel Club. These people are not only kind but also careful and very responsible. Unfortunately, there are also people who are totally irresponsible and uncaring towards their dogs and only interested in making money. My own opinion is that unless people are properly registered with the Kennel Club they should not be allowed to breed dogs. This would stop many wanted dogs being bred who have health or behavioural problems and the animal shelters would not be so full.

Before you decide to breed from your bitch a visit to the vet is a must as her health should be checked out. Also, her age has to be considered, if she is to old or to young it is not wise to breed from her as she may have complications before or during the delivery. Each breed has certain tests that need to be done the common ones are: Hips, elbows and eyes as well as certain other blood tests. The breeder needs to be sure that faulty genes are not passed on to the next generation and that the puppies will be healthy. If all the tests results prove positive then you know that it is safe to go ahead and breed from your bitch.

If you have not already located a suitable male for her then this is the time to do so. Each breeder looks for different things, it all depends on the breed of dogs they have and also what the puppies will be doing in their life. If you have working dogs then you need certain characteristics from both parents to be right to produce puppies that are able to spend their life working in certain ways; some have to have an ability for speed, others soft mouths, others a strong guarding instinct or a strong herding instinct. If you are breeding a dog just to be a good family pet then the temperament and disputation is very important.

Show dogs are usually bred for there looks, for there quiet dispersion, for the fact that they like to be handled and groomed a lot and are good around other dogs. If you have a working breed then it is advisable to go and look at the sire working before you make the diction to use him. Get to know his temperament and character, when you are happy and have checked out all his breeding papers and the Kennel Club registration then you will know whether you want to go ahead or not.

Getting the time right can be nerve racking but vital, so far I have always been successful with my own dogs, I stay with them as its less stressful. Its very important that they are happy and willing, I do not believe in forcing a dog against its will. However, providing that all goes well, we always have a return visit to the sire to make sure that everything has gone well and hopefully the bitch is in pup. During the weeks that follow you need to feed your dog more food to build her up, she will be constantly feeding the puppies inside her. Towards the later stages gradually reduce the amount of exercise as she gets bigger and heaver. During this time your dog needs to have a check up at the vets and a scan. During the scan you will see the puppies for the first time which is always a very exciting moment.

About ten days before the puppies are due get out the whelping box and introduce the bitch to it so that she gets used to being in her new bed and she is happy to sleep there. As you have worked out your dates you will know when she is due she will go off her food first and then become uncomfortable and restless, then she will pant and her waters will break then she will start go into labour. Offer her little sips of water through out the labour.

Once the puppies are here instinct takes over and she will get on with job of cleaning them and feeding them. Only help her if necessary otherwise leave her alone to sort out her new family and get on with her new role of being mother. The first few weeks are a bit nerve racking for everyone with sleepless nights and the possibility of loosing a few puppies but nature is a wonderful thing and has a way of balancing everything out. It is an exciting moment when all is well, everyone is happy and the breeders registration certificate from the kennel club arrives with your name on it. A job well done.

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