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June – The holiday Season

June – The holiday Season

June is one of the months when most people have planned and are eagerly awaiting to go on their long-awaited summer holiday; one that has usually been planned well in advance, or in some cases, it's a month of panic when they are trying to find last minute holiday that everyone is happy with and that isn't already booked up!

Not all of us go away of course in the summer months, some of us have commitments that we have to, and want to, for fill especially with dogs that we have at home. For me, a new litter of puppies that has just arrived will be keeping me here in the month of June. As they get ready to leave the nest I have to constantly look after them around the clock and get them ready for their new homes. In some cases older dogs don't want to be moved around on family holidays and would prefer to keep their familiar routine; they don't want their comfy and familiar bed moved to a different location. This is the same for rescue dogs that have just arrived as new comers to a family – these dogs especially all need time and commitment and love to make them feel happy and secure in their new home. The newcomers to the family need to get used to their new environment and the new way of life.

Rescue dogs, not always, but generally have a few behavioural problems; some small and some rather more serious. These are not always instantly recognizable at the beginning but only show up later on when the dog has settled down and has become used to its new family. Over the years I have met many owners who have been very lucky and have had rescue dogs who have not had any hang-ups, issues or bad habits, and who slot into their new life with ease and sail along nicely and everyone is very happy.

As a professional dog trainer I of course meet the ones who need help, not just with training, but with the behavioural issues. Not all of these dogs have been badly mistreated, some of them have just had a very unsettled past, perhaps several homes for various reasons and this has disturbed them and left a mark. Unfortunately, the mistreatment of our friend the dog is usually due to ignorance, a lack of knowledge and understanding of a dogs world - in some cases also lack of commitment and time.

All of the dogs that I have met and have helped through the many years of working with behavioural issues have needed different kinds of handling . It's wise to remember that when dealing with the problems, as with humans, dogs are all different and they react in different ways although some of the techniques may be the same.

Pack leadership needs to be established so that the dog can feel secure and be made to realise that he can relax a little as the leader is taking responsibility for him and the things that go on around him.

Boundaries, discipline, love and exercise all need to be put into place so that these dogs have a routine which enables them to understand exactly where they are and what is expected of them. Once we have created all of this then the real work begins, and, the commitment from the owners takes place.

Working with these dogs is a challenge that I really enjoy and it's very satisfying when after a few weeks the behaviour changes and the outcome is a happy positive one.

I think that it takes a very special person to take on a rescue dog and as I said earlier you are never quite sure until you starting working with them how deep the damage has effected them by their past.

The little souls that I meet arrive with very kind and very dedicated owners who are determined to give their dog the best care and help that they can so that it can have a happy fulfilling life.

Behavioural problems can be complicated or just very simple but by doing an assessment of both owner and dog and having gone into their past life style as far as we know it, and the present lifestyle of the dog, it then becomes very easy to sort out which type of corrections we need to do. Until I start working with the dogs I can't tell how long this will take as sometimes it is instant and sometimes it takes longer, depending on the issues we are working on.

The owners go away with training sheets and instructions, and have to do homework for as long as it takes. When dog and owners return later to me for the final lesson, I am always amazed to see how much work people have put in and the results are always so positive - both dog and owner are now linked in to each other and very happy - sometimes I can't believe that it's the same dog!

Thank goodness there are so many kind people out there with big hearts, lots of love and a willingness to make time to give these rescue dogs a chance to a lead a secure happy fulfilling life.

Well done to you all, keep going. I am very happy to help you.


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